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Global protection for your premium content.

Provides critical protection to ensure exclusive delivery of premium content to theaters, set-top-boxes and smart devices worldwide.


  • Monitors all video sharing sites and protocols worldwide including live, streaming, direct download, social media, linking sites, search engines, P2P and mobile apps.
  • Accurately flags infringing copies of content no matter how degraded the quality and does not misidentify unrelated content as infringing.
  • Advanced machine learning technology helps identify infringing content in real-time, enabling you to take data-driven actions faster.
  • Sends takedown notices to the core infrastructure distributing infringing content, accelerating the shutdown process and disabling access to unauthorized content.

Effective content identification and filtering for media distribution.

Enables publishers to manage digital media content to eliminate copyright infringements and help increase business opportunities.


  • Our content registry contains the largest authenticated database in the world from studios, TV networks and record labels.
  • Accurate ownership and usage rules identify infringing content instantly, reducing legal repercussion caused by copyright infractions.
  • Our flexible platform adapts as publishers increase their premium content inventory and grow their business opportunities.
  • Reduces overall operational costs with an automated process that quickly identifies original content.