Solutions to help broadcasters/advertisers measure content and advertising effectiveness.

Broadcasters, Advertisers

Precise tracking for TV ads and brand elements.

Identifies and tracks advertisement, logos, graphics, etc. across broadcast networks to help brands interpret ad data and validate content runs.


  • Monitor TV channels worldwide and extend market coverage.
  • Flexible platform adapts as brands grow and expand business needs.
  • Validate content runs with fast and accurate content identification.
  • Analytics provided within seconds to help drive data-driven decisions. 

Create a unique interactive environment.

Enables programming executives to create interactive shows that engage viewers using 2nd screen technology on mobile devices.


  • Increase viewership through multi-screen, interactive programming.
  • Establish new revenue streams for 2nd screen advertising options.
  • Gain insights on viewing behaviors to help administer strategic business decisions.
  • Promote viewer engagement by providing instant access to exclusive program information.