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Monitors all major video sites worldwide, including UGC, Cyberlocker, P2P, Hybrid, Linking sites, Search Engines and Live Streaming sites globally and across all viewing platforms for unauthorized content distribution.

Detects unauthorized copies of content regardless of audio and/or video quality and does not misidentify unrelated content as infringing.

Ensures compliance by enforcing within minutes of identifying unauthorized content and continues to monitor infringing sites after take-down notices are issued.

Key Features

Comprehensive Coverage: Monitors all major video sharing sites worldwide including live, streaming and on-demand sites.

Rapid Discovery: Quickly identifies copies using advanced discovery techniques without relying on metadata or tags.

Reliable Identification: Accurately flags infringing copies of content and does not misidentify unrelated content as infringing.

Intuitive Interface: Powerful web-based interface optimized for enforcement workflow.

Flexible Reporting: Provides pre-defined and custom reports of online assets across sites, over time.