Introduction to Our Technology

Our proprietary technology platform integrates multiple best-in-class cognitive computing engines including audio/video digital fingerprinting, computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing and data mining technologies. It enables fully automated tracking, identification and management of any video, audio and image content with high accuracy and scalability.


VDNA® Digital Fingerprinting


Our patented VDNA® technology enables accurate detection and identification of video, audio and images regardless of resolution, aspect ratio, encoding bit rate, frame rate, file format or other types of manipulation. For over a decade, movie studios, TV networks and video streaming platforms have used VDNA® for copyright protection, measurement and monetization. 


Video Indexing & Search

Our platform tracks and analyzes videos from virtually all video-related websites and apps including: streaming, downloading and linking sites, social media networks, search engines, P2P networks, mobile apps, OTT boxes as well as emerging video platforms.


Computer Vision

Advanced computer vision algorithms enable accurate detection and identification of audiovisual content with scale and utilizes multiple neural networks trained by the content in our VDDB database, one of the largest premium movie and TV fingerprint databases in
the world.


Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing

Our proprietary video search and discovery engine indexes all video related sites, apps and platforms and utilizes advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques to analyze site context, keywords and metadata.


Big Data & Analytics

Each video and its associated metadata and tags are processed in real-time, everyday in our cloud platforms running on top of the latest big data frameworks for large scale deployment, computation, advanced analytics and insights.


Our Technology in Action

Our platform supports wide-ranging applications, including:

Online Rights

Media Asset




Automatic Content
Recognition (ACR)

Reality (AR)