Press Release: August 15, 2012

Announcing The TVSync API Platform For Building Connected TV And Second Screen Applications

Open API Lets Cable Companies, Content Providers and Others Develop Powerful Applications Based On Vobile VDNA Technology

SANTA CLARA, CA — Aug. 15, 2012 — Today marked the introduction of the TVSync Connected TV and second screen API platform. It is the first developer platform to support apps that bring the connected TV experience to all “four screens” (smartphone, tablet, PC and SmartTV). Available to broadcasters, cable companies, publishers, content providers and others, TVSync’s open API leverages the best video and audio ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology of the industry leader Vobile to facilitate exciting new applications that synchronize, in real time, to the content a user is consuming.

TVSync, a new initiative led by Vobile, supports connected second-screen experiences that cover virtually any aspect of eCommerce, infotainment or social media. TVSync responds to the strongest trends hitting the broadcast industry: nearly 80% of younger viewers, for example, currently use a second device (typically a mobile device) while watching television. Both Apple and Google are currently working toward connected TV experiences through various projects.

“Change is on the way in how consumers interact with content across multiple devices—change that will be as disruptive as the introduction of iPhone five years ago,” said Yangbin Wang, CEO of Vobile. “With TVSync, we are ready to help both incumbent companies and entrepreneurs transform the four screen media consumption experience.”

Broad New Applications

TVSync’s API, compatible with all iOS and Android platforms, can be utilized with any combination of devices or media. The platform links broadcast audio and/or video to related content and services on another device—eCommerce sites, information, time-shifting, social media and more.

With TVSync, content owners as well as advertisers and marketers can deploy unique and immersive second-screen experiences. Ticket offices or sports apparel can be linked to broadcast sports, for example, so that viewers in a sports bar can make purchases just by pointing their smartphones at the screen. Someone watching a cable series at a friend’s house can finish the program at home or on their mobile device, schedule their DVR to record an episode, even record the full season, just by sampling the screen for a second or two.

Thanks to TVSync’s ability to automatically recognize video and/or audio content of specific programs, reality show producers can incorporate instant polling or social media activity into their story lines. Viewers can also access enhanced content on demand; simply by clicking on the action, it’s possible to get a recipe during a cooking show, read about the host of a show, or buy the shoes a starlet is wearing on the red carpet.

Proven, World-Class Technology

Vobile VDNA technology identifies and tracks any video or audio content instantly, under real- world usage conditions, all without altering the source content. As the industry’s most widely deployed content identification technology provider, Vobile is the supplier of content identification and management products to many of the world’s leading content creators and publishers, including all six of Hollywood major studios and four largest broadcasting TV networks.

VDNA technology, which powers the TVSync platform, has been commercially deployed for more than half decade. It has been verified as the best content ID technology by independent firms such as Frost & Sullivan. The architecture is infinitely scalable, with identification datacenters processing more than two million videos per day. Currently, TVSync identifies and tags more than 150 hours worth of audiovisual content in every single minute.

CableLabs Demo

Vobile is showcasing its TVSync platform at CableLabs Summer Conference 2012, August 5-7 from its exhibit at the Keystone Conference Center. To learn more about TVSync and its possibilities for augmented user experiences in eCommerce, infotainment and social applications, visit

About Vobile:

Vobile is the worldwide leader in video and audio content protection, measurement and monetization services. Its patented core VDNA technologies enable fully automated identification, tracking and management of any video and audio content with high accuracy and scalability. Vobile operates the VDNA Database (VDDB), which is the most comprehensive database of authorized video fingerprints, metadata and business rules from major movie studios, television networks and record labels. Founded in 2005, the company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Ca., with additional offices in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong. Please contact us for more information. 

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