Online TVOD Pay-Per-Transaction platform facilitates video distribution to online video sites that charge consumers a transaction fee to stream or download video content on a revenue share basis.

Product Advantages

Expand Market Reach

Enables content owners to reach new distribution channels and online consumers.

New Revenue

Our revenue-sharing model enables content owners and distributors to increase VOD revenue that is incremental to existing revenue streams.

Trustworthy measurement

Measures and audits every transaction to facilitate revenue reporting and revenue sharing.

Content protection

Premium protection by studio-grade DRM systems and our industry leading VDNA technology.

Key Features

  • Studio accredited measurement and auditing system verifies each transaction among online video distributors and consumers.
  • Our revenue sharing portal provides the ability to monitor and analyze transaction activities and identify industry trends.
  • One-stop shop for content localization, management, protection and distribution.
  • International team for efficient handling of content acquistion, transactional data and revenue reporting, and payment.