MediaWise® provides content identification and filtering technologies that enable publishers to manage digital content to eliminate copyright infringements and help increase business opportunities.

Product Advantages

Comprehensive coverage

Our content registry contains the largest authenticated database in the world from studios, TV networks and record labels.

Accurate Media Identification

Validation assurance

Accurate ownership and usage rules identify infringing online content instantly, reducing legal repercussion caused by copyright infringement.

Scalable Platform

Scalable platform

Our flexible platform scales as publishers increase their premium content inventory and grow their business opportunities.

Cost efficient

Publishers can reduce overall operational costs with an automated process that quickly identifies original content.

Key Features

  • Identifies content including mash-ups and other manipulated versions in real-time, even against extremely large reference title lists.
  • Provides access to Vobile’s VDNA database, the industry’s largest, premium content registry with business rules and rights information.
  • Supports the industry standard, Movielabs’ (CRR) Content
    Recognition Rules.
  • Integrates seamlessly into publisher workflows and interfaces with all major platforms.