From ultra HD movie content to premium TV and live events, VideoTracker® provides critical protection to ensure exclusive delivery of your audiovisual content to theaters, set-top-boxes and smart devices anywhere in the world.

Product Advantages

Comprehensive coverage

Monitors all video sharing sites and protocols worldwide including live, streaming, direct download, social media, linking sites, search engines, P2P and mobile apps.

Compliance enforcement

Identifies and sends takedown notices to the core infrastructure distributing infringing content, accelerating the shutdown process and disabling access to unauthorized content.

Network forensic analysis

Massive-scale platform monitors, identifies, and analyzes infringing content worldwide, providing an unmatched level of analytic reporting options to manage, measure and evaluate your properties.

Rapid content processing

Advanced machine learning technology helps identify infringing content in real-time enabling you to take data-driven actions faster.


Ecosystem Relationships
Vobile is continuously fostering relationships and integrations with sites and intermediaries to expedite content removal


24/7 Support Coverage

The Internet never sleeps and neither do we! Vobile’s global support infrastructure ensures our clients and their international offices are covered across multiple time zones

Key Features

  • Monitors all video sharing sites including; Search Engines, UGC, P2P, Cyberlocker, Hybrid, Linking and Live Streaming.

  • Identifies copies instantly using advanced discovery techniques without completely relying on metadata or tags.

  • Accurately flags infringing copies of content using our patented VDNA digital fingerprinting technology.

  • From DMCA notice to end-user educational campaigns,  Vobile works with our clients customize enforcement and out-reach programs

  • Powerful, intuitive web-based interface is optimized for efficient enforcement workflow.

  • Supports fine-grained client level customization - from asset enrollment to enforcement rules of engagement and reporting requirements

  • Archives evidence files in secure datacenter storage accessible 24x7 to customers.

  • Ensures that we capture search results relevant to the consumers in each locality.